01 July 2008

Heck yes it's Web 2.0

Awhile ago, Digg decided to Web 2.0-ify their site. Which I'm cool with, yay for the future and all. So now when you look at a story, the comments aren't included in the initial request, they're loaded via AJAX right after. Annoying but theoretically faster if there are enough comments on the story. What's actually cool is subthreads aren't loaded, just the initial comment tree; comments on comments are loaded as requested. Even digging and commenting is AJAXified...as long as you're logged in. If you're not, you get this:

Is this AJAX? Hell no it's not, to login you have to go to another page, which means all the progress you've made on your current page (which can be considerable since the rest of it is AJAX) is now lost; you have to start over. And it doesn't check to see if you're logged in at click-time like a real AJAX application, it's hard-coded into the link at load-time, so if you open a bunch of different Digg stories and then try to login, you need to reload all of them. Nicely done Digg. At least I've stopped getting a dialog saying I can't digg stories I've left open for too long, it only took them like a year to fix that one

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