27 July 2008

Politicians lie? No!

I've been bleeding my RSS feeds dry recently, which means I'm forced to read the bottom of the barrel:

80% of Digg articles are about the same thing: some politician said something that makes people sad. Usually, said politician is on record saying the opposite thing sometime in the past. Diggers are shocked, hurt, betrayed, etc. Diggers will never vote for said politician ever. Unfortunately, every politician is in the category of politicians that can never be voted for, which puts us in a predicament (if we listen to Diggers, anyway).

This just in: All politicians lie an alarming percentage of the time. They have to, or they'd never get elected to anything. Too many voters have positions that are deal-breakers, so if a politician has solid positions on everything a majority of people will disagree with one of them, and they're screwed. Not to say politicians don't have standings on these issues; of course they do. They just have to make sure you don't know about them. This either means they have to dance around things they know will alienate voters (that is, everything), or they need to change their position depending on who they're talking to. Unfortunately, with the Internet this no longer works, because now we know that the things they told people on the other end of the country aren't the same things they're telling us, but that doesn't stop them from doing it over and over again.

Yes, it would be awesome if we could elect politicians who didn't lie to us on a regular basis, but there are so many issues that America is divided on that it can't happen anymore. Stop being surprised when it turns out a politician lied about something.

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