11 August 2008

Reddit power

Apparently I should get reddited more:

Sadly, that now makes the handful of visits I had before look like 0 on the graph, but oh well. I actually posted that entry on a comment to another post, but apparently somebody reposted it as a story. A surprising number of people agreed with me considering I think it's a minority opinion, but there were plenty that disagreed too. And my anti-Windows thing at the end got interpreted backwards, which lead to confusion: I was saying that Pidgin, as an open source project, should be avoiding the very things that tend to drive people away from Windows. The main reason I love Linux is I can customize whatever I want, effortlessly; Windows is far less flexible. Trillian is an example of an unusually flexible Windows program, which is the very reason I used it, but with Linux it's no longer the exception to find a program that lets me configure it the way I want

EDIT: Apparently I should've waited before taking that screenshot:

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