04 August 2008

McCain lies? No!

So this might seem to be somewhat at odds with my last post, but I just couldn't resist posting it. I'm not actually surprised by any of this, but maybe Republicans will be, since every time Obama varies his position in the slightest they go nuts. This guy took the time to make a massive list of all the lies McCain has told. And not small stuff like Obama's generally are, these are complete reversals on virtually every position he's ever had, including the same things Republicans attack Obama about. Technically these aren't "lies", they're more like flip-flops, but I'm more than willing to adopt Republican rhetoric in this case. Next time a Republican whines that Obama changed his position on something, direct them to this list

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Anonymous said...

McCain has the feature of basically switching parties a couple times, so yes, he is going to flip-flop. Not a sound choice as a president.