17 June 2008

Firefox 3

I'm told Firefox 3 just launched a few minutes ago. I'm not really sure if it did or not since its Mozilla's whole website is down hardcore, but I guess that's probably a good sign. World record FTW

EDIT: Hey, it works. Most of Mozilla.org is still down, but they must have done some sort of load balancing on just the Firefox download part, so that's working perfectly. I thought I'd post how to patch extensions to work with Firefox 3, as most of mine are apparently written by authors too lazy to do so themselves. Most places will tell you to use the nightly tester tools; this works too, I've used it before, but sadly Firefox's add-ons page is down so I can't download it at the moment. I've also seen instructions on how to patch the XPIs, but there's no need to do that if you already have them installed; this is how you manually patch add-ons that you already had on Firefox 2. Obviously these add-ons haven't been tested under Firefox 3 or their authors probably would've updated them, so there's a chance things will break when you do this:

  1. Open your extensions folder. On Linux it's at ~/.mozilla/firefox/(your profile)/extensions; on Windows, C:\Documents and Settings\(your username)\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\(your profile)\extensions

  2. Each plugin is in it's own folder, named with a hexadecimal UUID. Open the first one and open it's resource descriptor, install.rdf. It's plain text, so any editor will do (read: use emacs)

  3. Somewhere under em:targetApplication you'll find em:maxVersion. If it's 2. something, change it to 3.0.*

  4. Repeat this procedure for every extension folder

  5. Move all the folders you changed (or all of them, it doesn't matter) to some temporary location

  6. Restart Firefox; your add-on list should be empty now

  7. Move all the folders back to your extensions folder

  8. Restart Firefox again; the add-on window should automatically open to alert you it has detected new extensions. All your extensions should be listed as before, but enabled now

Screenshot from an XP machine:

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Cryptic Star said...

emacs sucks ^_^

(hug) Use vim.