17 June 2008

Rockbox > Linux Journal

I'm starting to wonder if Linux Journal is like The Onion for Linux. Every article I have ever read on that site (so like 3) has at some point made me stop and wonder if it's just a big joke. But they went too far when they did a video about Rockbox. Now Rockbox is pretty much amazing. It's an alternate firmware for MP3 players, and I've used it on mine since about 20 seconds after I got it. It has a million features and is in general better than whatever firmware you're using, in every possible way. Here is what the 6 minute video Linux Journal did on it consists of:

  • First two minutes -- Talking about how he attempted to install Rockbox on an iPod Nano v3, iPod Nano v2, and Toshiba Gigabeat u, the last of which he actually went to the store to buy just for this video. As he discovered through totally unnecessary trial and error, Rockbox does not support any of these; ironically, it does support these devices, just not these particular versions. You can feel free to go through the same trial and error with your device, or you could just check the compatibility list helpfully offered on rockbox.org

  • Next two minutes -- Playing DOOM

  • Next minute -- Showing "demos" like plasma and fire. At one point he mentions for a few seconds that you can play music

  • Last minute -- Advertisement for GoGrid. Seriously

At the very end he mentions that it can play music, but doesn't actually show it. I'm starting to suspect that maybe this was meant to dissuade people from using rockbox by covertly making it look terrible. He demos it on an ancient, monochrome iPod that he has to have plugged in because it has no battery strength anymore; he mentions several times what a terrible player it is. Super choice there. And then he spends half the time rambling about the players it doesn't support, the problems his ignorance has caused, and how neat GoGrid is.

I posted this as a comment on the video, but apparently they didn't feel it warranted approval: Despite what the video portrays, Rockbox is fantastic. It's not nearly as ugly as it looks in the video; that player blows and he's using an ancient rockbox version, there's a whole bunch of different themes, like:

Everybody who has a supported player go try Rockbox, you'll love it

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yay for rockbox