21 June 2008

Product placement

I never really understood why companies spend so much money on product placement. I've never stood in a store thinking "Well, I need X. What kind of X does Jack Bauer use?" (obviously if I were to think this, Jack Bauer would be the role model). I figured maybe it was just a subconscious thing, where people choose things they've seen on TV because they vaguely remember hearing of them, but then I found this

hey i was watching Psych and they mentioned something called Kangaroo Paste. What is it? & Where could I buy it?

Bravo, Psych. By having Shawn mention for 10 seconds that he wants a fictional item, you've convinced somebody they want it, without knowing anything about it since it isn't real. I'm much more impressed with marketing people right now

EDIT: Also the verticoli hair brush

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