18 June 2008

Open Reddit

I'm a big fan of Reddit, particularly the programming subreddit, so I was excited to see that yesterday reddit went open source. I got a copy of the code and started poking around; I never realized that Reddit is written in Python, which automatically makes it good. I also hate the Reddit developers less now; they've had a problem for months now with their RSS feeds showing duplicate entries, and have thus far claimed they have no idea what's wrong. I don't know Pylons (the framework Reddit uses), but after my initial poking around I too have no idea what's wrong, so for the moment they're not idiots anymore, although I plan to look into it further. A comment calling something a hack appears 8 times in their code, which is fairly respectable; I particularly enjoyed this comment I noticed in /r2/r2/config/middleware.py:

#god this shit is disorganized and confusing

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